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5602 Shields Dr Bethesda MD 20187
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Charges fee: YES
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Doctorate in Psychology, Training in Neuropsychology and Pediatric Psychology
Masters in Special Education
Bachelors in Special Education

Recent Publications

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Geographic Region

DC Metro Area, Northern VA
Can travel if the hosts cover travel expenses


Topics relate to how learning differences and emotional factors impact children/teens success. Dr. Resnik presents on topics related to neuropsychology, executive functioning, learning disabilities, adolescent development, ADHD, Autism, grit/growthmindset, parenting, teaching, and child development. I provide presentations for both general audiences as well as Continuing Education for professionals. Please see my page of presentations at http://www.resnikpsychology.com/speaking-consultations/presentations/


  • MD, DC & NOVA educational professionals and experts
  • Serving the diverse needs of learners
  • The foremost referral resource for parents and professionals
  • Offering compelling programs and networking events cognizant of ever changing community needs

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