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Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology (research)
Parent of two exceptional children
Certified RDI (Relationship Development Intervention) Consultant

Recent Publications

October 19 Say What? Effective Communication is a Necessary Prerequisite for Good Health Care. To be presented at the Annual Conference of the Maryland Chapter of the National Alliance for Mental Illness, October 19-20, Baltimore, MD.

November 5-10 Parenting Autism Summit – Co-Host, Online,

November 10-11 Implementing RDI in a Classroom Setting. To be presented at the 2018 RDI Annual Professional Conference, November 10-11, 2018, Houston, Texas.

November 14 Restore Your Relationships for Better Outcomes. To be presented at the World Autism Organization International Congress, November 12-15, Houston, Texas.

Currently teaching the Parent Child Journey classes (

Geographic Region

Montgomery County
Prince George's County
Howard County
Northern VA - would need to be reimbursed for travel costs and time to travel.


- Stress and the Brain: Learn to Self-Regulate So You Can Be Fully Present for Your Family
- The Many Faces of Grief: Understanding Yourself When Things Go Wrong
- Supporting Students with Autism in School and at Home
- You Have a Diagnosis... Now What?
- Know Your Child, Know Yourself
- A Parent’s Perspective on Having a Child With a Disability: The Emotional Rollercoaster
- Developing Social Emotional Intelligence with RDI (Relationship Development Intervention)
- First Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask - strategies that can help you cope


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